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TREX SW is LIVE with Emily Promise Allison
Artist of the Futility Index exhibition on now at the
TREX SW Hallway Gallery inside the ASA Galleries.

Join TREX Southwest on December 10, 2022, from 2:30 pm until 3:30 pm for an artist talk with artist Emily Promise Allison! Her photography series, Futility Index, is currently installed in the TREX Southwest Hallway Gallery until January 6, 2023 – in Calgary, Alberta.
Emily Promise Allison’s Futility Index is a new performance-based photo series that playfully explores physical and philosophical approaches to the concept of balance. Fleeting moments between certainty and doubt parallel the authentic brevity of stability and biological life. Futility Index encourages one to consider unusual methods of innovative problem-solving and instills an appreciation for tension, absurdity, and wonder.
Emily Promise Allison is a Canadian conceptual artist who uses photography and performance to create images that embrace surreal, metaphysical, and dreamlike qualities. The purpose of her work is to activate curiosity, stimulate a sense of wonder, and enable a collapse of status and expectation concerning theoretical knowledge versus lived experience. Emily regards the imagination as a fundamental sense that allows us to find or create magic within systems regulated by logic; celebrating the strange nature of existence and the absurdity of life.