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TREX Education Resources




Every exhibition that the TREX program produces includes educational components which are carefully developed to enhance the engagement with the artworks and themes presented. The education guides are comprised of  questions for discussion, vocabulary and activities designed for the level of ability, understanding and complexity of the participants.

To view the current TREX exhibition catalogues, visit the link below:

Current Exhibition Catalogues

While many venues are currently closed to the public due to COVID19 restrictions, TREX SW wants to ensure that exhibitions are still being viewed and enjoyed by Albertans across the province.

To engage with the TREX SW virtual exhibition tours, click on the exhibition you are interested in, and a PowerPoint file download will begin. This PowerPoint file has links and clickable buttons to navigate through the virtual gallery, and to engage with discussion questions, activities, and other educational content. Make sure to view the PowerPoint file in presentation mode from the very first slide to view the exhibition in its intended format. Enjoy!

Between the Cosmos: Virtual Exhibition Tour