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TREX Education Resources




Every exhibition that the TREX program produces includes educational components which are carefully developed to enhance the engagement with the artworks and themes presented. The education guides are comprised of  questions for discussion, vocabulary and activities designed for the level of ability, understanding and complexity of the participants.

To view the current TREX exhibition catalogues, visit the link below:

Current Exhibition Catalogues

With many of our venues open again after the last few years, you can find our exhibitions throughout the South West quadrant of Alberta. To see the schedule of when and where each exhibition will be, click the “Exhibition Schedule 2022-2023”  link below. Please keep in mind that some of our venues are not open to the public (ex. children’s educational institutions) if you are unsure if the venue is open to the general public please contact the TREX SW Program Coordinator.

Exhibition Schedule 2022-2023