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On Now: Members’ Choice 2022

The ASA is proud to present the ‘Members’ Choice 2022′ featuring the works of Juried and Life Members of the Alberta Society of Artists. This annual show gives our members the opportunity to submit a work of their choosing; this creates an ever-unexpected collection of works from some of Alberta’s finest Visual Artists. 

ON NOW: Animating the Spirit

A visual art practice built on ‘Animating the Spirit’…

I embark on a scavenger hunt through a personal and cultural memory of headlines, magazine images, photos, ephemera collected from the bottoms of drawers, remnants of nature, stamps and stencils, which is textured, coloured, glued, torn, or over-painted. The sum of it is considered with the undertones of symbol and metaphor, politics, science, anthropology and futurism.

PAST: Asian Roots Trio (A.R.T.)

Asian Roots Trio, A.R.T. for short, is a showcase of our Asian narrative. Each of us has our own distinct story about our Asian heritage since we all have unique backgrounds and experiences. Although we did not search each other out, we all came to an intersection through our common interest in traditional Asian culture. Our choice of mediums, including oil painting, drawing, and watercolour painting, form a diverse yet cohesive vision of traditional Asian aesthetics as we tell the story of our Asian Roots.

PAST: Meditation

Meditation A Solo Exhibition of Oil Paintings  Artist Yu Chen  Exhibition Date June 8, 2022 – August 20, 2022    Venue The Alberta Society of Artists Gallery, Calgary, Alberta ARTISTS’ STATEMENT  In my culture, Buddhist bracelets emphasize virtue...