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PAST: Calgary Floods (2013)

In June of 2013, southern Alberta experienced one of the worst floods in its history. In Calgary, the Bow and Elbow rivers burst their banks and spilled into downtown. In their strange tranquillity, these images capture a space transformed, reclaimed by nature, and ripe with theoretical prospects left unrealized. On the tenth anniversary of the flooding of southern Alberta

PAST: Encore

A group exhibition by ASA Juried Members from the Edmonton area in the Walterdale Theatre


Sylvie Pinard’s, Rock Stars, exhibition draws a parallel between geological architecture and human society by using geode – a unique geological formation created by a layering process through time – as metaphor. Geodes reflect the chemical and physical conditions of the environment with their experiences and environment.

PAST: It’s About Time, Space & Place

“It’s About Time, Space & Place” is a small group exhibition of new paintings by Juried Members of the ASA; Debra Ward, Bonnie Scott, Mary Ann Wilson and Wanada Rottenfusser.

PAST: Natural Obscurity

A small group exhibition of photographic works from Paula Hager, Danielle Edwards & Timothy Kozlik with three-dimensional installation.