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OPENING: Fifty Years of Making an Impression

Fifty Years of Making an Impression A Group Exhibition of Print Works  Artists ELIZABETH ‘LIZ’ ALLEN ANTONIA ‘ANDIE’ WICHERTS CAROLE BONDAROFF STAN PHELPS  Event Date July 3, 2022 2:00 – 4:00 PM    Venue Calgary Central Libray 800...

ON NOW: Asian Roots Trio (A.R.T.)

Asian Roots Trio, A.R.T. for short, is a showcase of our Asian narrative. Each of us has our own distinct story about our Asian heritage since we all have unique backgrounds and experiences. Although we did not search each other out, we all came to an intersection through our common interest in traditional Asian culture. Our choice of mediums, including oil painting, drawing, and watercolour painting, form a diverse yet cohesive vision of traditional Asian aesthetics as we tell the story of our Asian Roots.

ON NOW: Meditation

Meditation A Solo Exhibition of Oil Paintings  Artist Yu Chen  Exhibition Date June 8, 2022 – August 20, 2022    Venue The Alberta Society of Artists Gallery, Calgary, Alberta ARTISTS’ STATEMENT  In my culture, Buddhist bracelets emphasize virtue...

All is Water

This work is a collaboration between Danny, Hesam and Twinkle as a result of their conversations surrounding their identities, backgrounds and how individual perspectives shape their view on this particular element of life. Water and the query of its nature has always been a fundamental aspect from which philosophy has sprung. By examining the various states that one can find water in, we are able to relate and think inwardly to the tempests and stagnation found in our day-to-day moments leading to how our cultures are shaped.

Our aim was to juxtaposition the universality of water against the backdrop of our own individual ethnic backgrounds and identities.

Falling With Uncertain Grace

Yvonne DuBourdieu, ASA: This current body of work looks at the dichotomy between strength and weakness within ourselves and the unease that manifests when our vulnerabilities are laid bare through heightened uncertainty. Now, in the light of a global pandemic, when our social and cultural structures have been so deeply shaken, how do we grow, repair, rebuild? How do we redefine purpose and meaning when we are living through an ongoing state of crisis?

CLOSING Reception: Falling With Uncertain Grace & All is Water

Join Yvonne DuBourdieu, ASA for the closing of the Falling With Uncertain Grace exhibition May 21, 2022 from 2-4 pm in the ASA main gallery. Meet the Artist and catch this last opportunity to see the show in Calgary.

May 21, 2022 is also your last opportunity to see the All is Water exhibition by Twinkle Banerjee, Hesam Rezaei and Danny Luong in our Mezzanine Gallery.

Learn more about Falling with Uncertain Grace HERE, and All is Water HERE.

We will also be hosting a book reading by a friend of the ASA, Ken Rivard, for his 11th publication entitled CANALWATCH in the lounge area in front of the gallery at 2:30pm. Learn more HERE.